Monday, 12 September 2011

Chance encounters

The lady on the left is spinning wool while the lady on the right is weaving strapping for bags.

While driving through Budesti Melissa spotted an old lady knitting on her doorstep. We stopped to say hello and possibly take a picture. To Melissa’s amazement she invited us in and was delighted for us to take pictures of her home along with her friend who was keen to be part of the action.

This is our wonderful old lady from Budesti, she is a real treasure and the very essence of Maramures and rural life.

While traveling to the village of Glod we met this lady from Slatioara (Iza Valley) who invited us into her home. She had a chicken in the kitchen who was busy hatching a broad of chicks in a straw filled metal washing pale.

This is a Sarcinel or a tree for drying pots. If the pot on top is red I believe it means the household has a daughter of marriageable age.

We met up with these two gentlemen while walking in the village of Breb. The chap on the right was keen for us to take his picture and send a copy. Our conversation went on for a while and as it became clear we did not understand him he just shouted at us all the louder. I can only guess he must have some English blood in him.

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