Saturday, 10 September 2011


One of our trips was to find the village of Sarbi where I understood we would be able to find Mr Vasile Borodi the Clop maker. Mr Borodi was not the only attraction, Sarbi also has a whirlpool for washing felts plus a threshing machine and pot still to make hornica. More than I could ever wish for in one place.

This is a typical whirlpool used to felt the woven fabric (toluri) made by Mr Borodi's mother.

Adjacent to Mr Borodi's workshop we met his mother weaving toluri.

This is Mr Vasile Borodi the Clop maker with his wife. A national treasure although I suspect he would not agree.

I asked Vasile if he could make me a hat to replace my old one. Within minutes he set to on his machine and I now I have an excellent new hat along with a few others that took my eye.

On another trip we came across the Muzeul Tarancii Romane in Dragomiresti where Mrs. Zubascu was kind enough to give us a demonstration of weaving linen. Fortunately she had some weaving to sell so we are now the proud possessors of a wonderful woven bag and a linen cover for a basket.

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