Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wood carvings and general scenes in Maramures

This door just caught my eye, especially the carved rope twist one which is a classic use of traditional Maramures design and motives.

The carver of this Shepherd is one of the most talented we found. A simple design to be found on some of the gates in Breb.

This carving states 'I’ve been and I will remain here' (Am fo s-oi si) which is how I think when I’m building parts of our my own home in Berwick St John, England.


  1. That building in Maramures looks intriguing. Do you happen to know what's inside it? The whole place seems very medieval.

  2. All the entrances were to farmyards apart from the one with a cross on the door which is the entrance to a church. The carving is a sign of status and wealth. Just a shame we don't do such wonderful work on our own houses in the rest of Europe .