Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Saints days celebrations

On the June 30th the Barsana Monastery Celebrates the Day of 12 Disciples, everyone from far and wide came to celebrate and all in their traditional dress. Cake, hornica and sarmale were handed out to everyone and if you are wondering what hornica is, it is type of plum brandy made in a pot still and sarmale is similar to a dolmades. A sticky rice ball wrapped in a cabbage leaf known locally as piroste .

These women are all from the village of Breb and had been attending St Paul’s and St Peter’s festival day.

Barsana Monastery appears to be something out of a Disney theme park. Most of it is relatively new and all created by one architect in the traditional style of Maramures but with knobs on. The place felt a little spooky, even manufactured. Everything was in its place and perfectly manicured while the nuns just scowled at us.

These baskets were left outside of the church on a Saints day. Once the service has been completed the priest spreads holy water over the cake and honica, after which the food is past around to parishioners.

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