Sunday, 11 September 2011

Maramures homes

The occupant of this wooden house had just deceased leaving behind this wonderful blue "ancadramente" (window frame), a real inspiration for my studio to be built in our orchard back home. I often work out the detailing of the window frame in my mind as a form of relaxation.

We came upon many wooden gates, which are a feature of Maramures life but only a few shots are worth recording. This one is a classic.

A typical farmyard in Breb.

We drove Botiza where we were a bit late for the market but we did come across this Museum House & Pension. The house was run by the local priest wife who I wished had been able to find.

Melissa is posing in the doorway of Marioara's Pension where we stayed for five wonderful days in the village of Breb.

This pile of wooden farming equipment includes a Sleigh, Cart, Threshing tool and many more exciting goodies. Good job there isn’t room on the plane.

We’ve seen this type of well all over Eastern Europe, see the beam in the foreground sadly they are diminishing in Maramures.

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