Wednesday, 14 September 2011

People of Maramures and market day

On our first day in Maramures we discovered that the local market in Ocna Sugatag was to be held. This gentleman is a Caldarar Gypsy who are well known for their skills as tin and black smiths, you can often see them fixing the decorative gutters or mending pots. Their broad rim hats with wide trousers are typical of the Caldarar Gypsy who are known as canny dealers, always ready to make a buck. I liked this guy he has real style.

Dressed in their smart clothes for market day these two gentlemen on the left are wearing traditional Clop hats which we were to find all over the region during the following week.

Wearing a Clop is an art in itself. The strap is worn over one ear and the Clop is tilted or tipped on the head in different ways when greeting someone, depending on your relationship with that person. This is not dissimilar to doffing a hat in the UK when we slightly lift a hat off the forehead, when meeting a lady but with the Clop it is moved on the head.

This old man is wearing opinci, the traditional foot ware for much of Maramures and Transylvania and a rare sight these days.

Since our last visit the car or white van has taken over from the horse and cart. Although we saw plenty of horses, transport in Maramures has now moved into the 21st century and this gentleman will soon be something from the past.

The man on the left is wearing a traditional pieptar, a jerkin worn by may people and sometimes inside out balanced on one shoulder when it is hot.

At the heart of Ocna Sugatag market the good old boys shared stories while drinking local beer and barbequed lamb. Notice the assortment of hats.


  1. That looks like an interesting place to visit. It is amazing how the people of Maramures manage to preserve their culture in these times.

  2. Don't be fooled, it is a struggle and the young are often not proud of their tradition which is a great shame.